NASAA Trader Standard

The NASAA Standards are your guide to achieving Certified Organic status.

It is essential that you read through the relevant Standards applicable to your operation before submitting an application for certification.

NASAA welcomes written submissions and input to the Standards from interested parties.

pdf NASAA Trader Standard (333 KB)

The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia, Limited (NASAA) took over the administration and operation of the retail certification scheme, Organic Retailers and Growers Association Australia (ORGAA), in July 2002. During this period, NASAA has witnessed steady and strong growth in the organic industry with annual growth in excess of 20 - 25%.

This latest edition of the NASAA Organic Trader Standard will provide the benchmark for retail certification encompassing retailer, restaurants, home delivery, food preparation and market operations. This Standard should be read in conjunction with the current edition of the NASAA Organic Standard which outlines the requirements for certification from farm production through to on-farm and off-farm processing, transportation, export and import.

This Standard is an important tool in providing consumers with a guarantee off integrity for products claiming to be Organic, thereby facilitating consumer confidence in business practises.